bad habits are like fried oreos

…They seem like a good idea at the time, but you live to regret it.

As I slowly wade into the revision process yet again, I’m realizing all of the bad, shameful, deep-fried habits I have developed in the last few years – particularly since the publication of The King’s Rose and the onset of writer’s block. I wonder if much of that writer’s block was caused by indulging in said bad habits.

First off, I get distracted from my devotion. And I’m not talking about taking frequent breaks to watch Firefly on Netflix. I’m talking about being fickle about the book I want to write, always wondering if there is a better book out there for me, and listening to the whinging cries of my tiny writer heart. Good grief, enough already! Focus on one book at a time. Yes, when you need a break you can sip your smoothie and watch Firefly, but then get back to work on This Book.

You know how one day you can feel super inspired about your book and then the next you feel it’s all worthless drivel with no plot? Yeah, I feel that way all the time, riding a continual wave of emotions that does little to ensure my self-confidence. But I don’t think that’s out of the ordinary. It’s okay to feel down about your book now and then; it’s probably healthy. What is NOT healthy is to feel down about your book and respond with: “well then, I don’t need you, little book. this other idea will be nicer to me so I’ll just go spend some time with her instead.” Fickle-hearted jezebel! By doing this, I’m robbing myself of the usually-inevitable upward swing when I figure something out about my book or see it in a new light and get excited again. Due to a lack of patience and an urge to feel that gust of inspiration I can get from a new idea, I cheat myself out of the rewards of sticking with a book through the tough times. And, therefore, cheat myself out of the pleasure of actually FINISHING said book. Or any book.

So, no offense to fried oreos, but I wanted to expose my bad habits in the hopes of saving you from similar pitfalls. I’ll let you know how the revision goes.

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